Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lacking Something

Leadville is less than 2 months away and if I'm going to get a sub 9 this year, I need something extra. Something to give me the mojo to shave 30 minutes off my time. I just don't know what it is. A tattoo? Facial hair? A bald guy pony tail? Paint my face like a skeleton?

Or maybe it's my bike. Maybe I need to throw a rigid fork on it. Or ride my single speed. I've got to do something different than last year. Just not sure what it is I'm lacking.

If Leadville were a 20 mile race, I'd be set. But it's not. it's 100 miles. I've only ridden 100 miles once so far this year. Most of my rides have been pre-work or lunch rides. 1.5 - 2 hours average.

Not good.


UtRider said...

The Solitude race on Tuesday night is great Leadville training. Just ride from your house but leave a little early so you can do Little Cottonwood on the way to Big Cottonwood, race, then climb up to Guardsman Pass, drop down to Midway and return home by way of Sundance, American Fork Canyon and Suncrest. Do that a few weeks in a row and you'll be ready. If it becomes too easy try riding your ss. Once that becomes easy you should be ready for a sub-9 time!

Anonymous said...

dude, you're golden. stop perseverating. if you need something extra, i like the bald guy pony tail.

oh god yes, please make it the bald guy pony tail.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for daisy duke cutoff levis, or the pony. Either way you will beat me.

Aaron said...

See how easy that is Rick? All you need to do is ride 8 hours per day! I'm sure that utrider has more good advice where that came from, and worth every penny! Just kidding Mark.

What time do you think you'll be heading up AF canyon tomorrow morning? I think I'll do the loop tomorrow before work.

UtRider said...

Not per day, just on Tuesdays. And yes, I have much more advice to offer. Of course, you should keep in mind that I have never ridden my bike longer than 6 hours! But if I were going to race Leadville I'm pretty sure that's the approach I would take. :)

PS - dug, I added the smiley for you. If there was an emoticon for a toilet I would have used it instead. Speaking of which, I still think of you whenever I encounter a toilet roll that was installed upside down. Or when I see a guy wearing green pants.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Aaron- If you are at the base of AF by 6:30, you should see us. If you are there at 6:35, you'll need to chase.

Anonymous said...

In order of effectiveness:

1. Bald guy pony tail
2. Daisy dukes or floral capris
3. T-max intervals

Rigid forks and lighter saddles won't make the difference. If you've got eight weeks, for seven of those do T-max intervals twice per week. Then rest the eighth week. You'll be ready.

Anonymous said...

Pony Tail Locations:

Back of a Pony's ass - OK
Back of my brothers head - Not OK


Anonymous said...

yer screwed. kidding. just having done it before is an automatic 20 minute time deduction.

Anonymous said...

I was planning on joining you this morning but my snooze button was hit a few times. Did you know that 9x6 is 54?