Thursday, June 12, 2008

Leadville Training

Part 1
My Leadville training last year lacked some of the intense efforts only race pace can offer. As much as I hate the pre-race jitters and the painful effort during a race, I'm forcing myself to do more of them this year.

Last night was the Sundance race and the weather was finally dry and cool. Perfect for riding.

The local scene is stacked with some very fast riders. And it seems like the same core people are always there.

I raced the Rig with the Expert "B" group. Along with Brad, Aaron, Cori, Adam and many others. Jon raced Sport and dominated (time to move up Jon).

Actually I'm not sure if Brad even raced. He was at the start line but that was the last time I saw him. He was out of sight within seconds. I think he may have taken 1st and probably beat several of the "A" group riders. He is on fire this year.

That paved road is a brutal way to start a race. Everyone knows that it's really hard to pass once on the single track so most everyone redlines it on that steep road at the start to get a good position. It can cook your legs before the climbing even starts.

I snuck in just behind another SS rider as we hit the dirt and quickly setteled into a good hard pace for lap 1. We caught a few other riders and managed to make the pass on the tight course. The entire first lap I was looking over my shoulder waiting for Aaron or Adam to catch. I would catch a glimpse of Aarons yellow Paragon during some of the switchbacks. I knew he would be faster on the donwhill so I tried to maintain as much of a gap on the climb as possible.

About half way down lap 1, Aaron was one rider behind me and closing. As we hit the paved road again and stated the 2nd lap, I tried to gas it but didn't have much in the tank. About half way up the 2nd lap, I found my second wind and was able to pick up the pace and not get caught.

Aaron made up significant time on the downhill and was only 50 yards back (see him in this pic chasing). If the course had been 1/4 mile longer I would have been caught. I think I came in mid pack but need to see the final results when they are posted.

(Thanks Kanyon Kris for taking the photo)

Part 2
I woke up this morning and met Dave B (from work) at the top of Suncrest for an early morning commute via the Alpine Loop. My legs were sore from last night and the AF canyon climb didn't help them feel any better.

Coming down past Sundance in the shade was brutal. Very cold. I thought Dave was going to lose a finger or two. He didn't have the right gloves.

Just over 2 hours of riding with one nasty climb and I still have to ride home.


Anonymous said...

lucky for you the ride home is all downhill

Anonymous said...

And no wind.

Grizzly Adam said...

That was a blast last night. I kept getting glimpses of you in the trees ahead of me. That kept me cranking, but in the end you had too much juice.