Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cholla Strategy

If you look closely, you will see my strategy for the Cholla race this weekend. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Post MTB ride in Corner Canyon, I climbed home up the North Suncrest road.  I saw a roadie ahead in the distance.  It was supposed to be an easy spin kind of a ride, but I couldn't resist chasing a roadie while on my SS MTB.

Caught him and passed him.  The effort made me taste my breakfast again but it was worth it.

I like a good carrot every now and then.

P.S.- Gary Fisher made some pretty cool bikes.  I'm bummed to see the brand go away.  I think I'll hang on to this one for a while.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Night Ride World Championship Series 2011

The 2011 race season is upon us.  In addition to the ICUP, and weekly Sundance/Soldier Hollow series, (and the UC lunch rides/races), there is a new show in town.  I like what Bob is doing.  Mixing it up.  Short Track and longer XC races.  I plan to support this new series when I can.

What better way to train for these than by participating in the 2011 Night Ride World Championship series

Most of us have familes and day jobs and training miles aren't always easy to find.  A night ride is often the only option.  Stay tuned for the 2011 schedule and list of venues (participating venues must be near a Denny's or Village Inn.  If you have suggestions for location, please keep that in mind). 

The "Belt" is somewhere in Utah County in Phast Dan's closet.  He has had it long enough.  It's time. 

Find those lights and start charging them.   We are weeks away kids.

Sunday, March 13, 2011




Not a lot of riding going on the past few days.   But a lot of eating. 

Having no agenda and hanging out with Rachelle in NYC has been super relaxing.  Today we finally got the HR up by running around Central Park (6 miles).  There were a lot of carrots to chase.  We only got passed by 1 guy.  Not bad for a cyclist, non-runner (me).  Rachelle can hammer.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

ICUP #1- St. George

Phast Dan "Turd" takes the top step in singlespeed.  Kenny Jones 2nd, me 3rd.

It always feels good to stand on that box, especially this early in the season.  It's been a long winter and the boys down south usually have a head start to the season so I was glad the SLC / UC crew represented.  I counted about 20 in the SS class.  I only recognized about half of them. 

I felt like I had good legs but I knew I couldn't hang with Dan.  He was able to put a nice gap on us early into lap 1.  Must of been the 17 cog he was running (not to mention good lungs and legs).  Kenny and I both ran 18's and we traded spots a couple of times during the race but he was too fast and got me by a second or two at the finish. 

Despite taking 3rd, I was really happy with how the race went.  I could not have gone any faster and left everything out there.

Good times catching up with all the racers. 

I came home to some nice tiger stripes on my head and an instant farmer tan. It felt great to play in the warm sun.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The lunch ride yesterday reminded me of Frogger.

I used to play this as a kid as a video game.  Now I get to play the grown up version but on a road bike. 

State Street in Utah County....not recommended.

P.S. - I'd like to welcome Marky Mark as the newest member of the UC lunch ride scene.  Now I get to tuck in behind him on the flats and eat my ham sandwich.