Friday, June 27, 2008


The more I ride, the lazier I get. I don't like to stand much. When I walk into a room, I'd rather find a chair and sit. And I hate stairs. Have you ever noticed that no matter how in shape you think you are, climbing a set of stairs leaves you winded?

I get up at 5:30am all year long and climb mountains on my bike or skis. Yet when I need to climb a set of stairs, I am usually a somewhat breathless for a few seconds.

Could it be the maple bars that causes this?


Anonymous said...

not the maple bars, they actually help with all this.

i just finished reading that book you lent me, "lance armstrong's war" and in it he recounts the old school cycling wisdom for cyclists OFF the bike:

don't walk, ride; don't stand, sit; don't sit, lie down.

yeah, stairs. i don't like stairs.

KanyonKris said...

Having recently read "Lance Armstrong's War" I was going to make the same comment as dug. I don't mind losing to dug, he's a better comment writer.

Stairs? How about standing after sitting for a while? I get light headed almost every time. Didn't used to happen. I think cycling explains this too. My theory is that as I've become more fit my heart rate has gone down but when I stand up quick the lower blood pressure doesn't keep the flow going to the brain hence the light headedness. Or is it just another "fun" part of getting older? Or do I have a brain cloud? Or a brain header?

Grizzly Adam said...

What is weird, is that the more fit I think I am, the less fit I really am. Or something.

Oh, and if you hate stairs I do not recommend going to Guatemala to see old Mayan ruins. In 3 weeks down there I must have climbed a billion miles of steep, uneven, 2000 year old stone stairs. Those Mayans sure liked their stairs.

And they would probably mock your wimpish compaints.

Jaynann said...

so true...what is with the stairs?

Flyin' Ute said...

I swear I was just thinking the same thing this morning. Sometimes when I climb the stairs I have to lay down for a little while and rest. Only sometimes, but I'm not kidding.