Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Draper ICUP 2012

I wasn't planning on racing the Draper ICUP on Monday when I saw the original course.  But when the IMBA folks stepped up and finished the last phase of the Rush trail and the course was changed to include Canyon Hollow/Rush, I perked up.  Now THAT was a course that sounded fun.

It's been a while since I had raced.  Almost 3 months.  I guess Strava has been satisfying my cravings.  I decided it was time to come out of hibernation and face my fears.  I left my SS at home and lined up with the Expert/40+ geared crew.  There are some salty old dogs in that group.

3 laps - 33 miles at race pace made me a bit nervous.  My longest ride so far this year is something like 38 miles and that was on my road bike. 

After a terrible start position (15 or so out of 20), I spent the first and second lap passing and playing catch up while trying to leave something in the tank for lap 3.  As I came through the start/finish area to start my 3rd lap, I heard my kids, wife, and Jay cheering.  That gave me a big boost (along with Bob S. heckling me.....All I remember is Bob pointing up the course and saying "hey Rick, the race is up there....").

I had some good legs on the final climb and made up a few more positions before the downhill.  I managed to stay on my bike and avoid any mechanicals and finish 3rd.

It felt good to stand on that box again.  But what's up the ghetto podium at the ICUP's?  I'd pay an extra $1 for Ed to get a real podium instead of the plywood boxes.  (but I do like the tweety chair).

Congrats to Corey L and D. Bagley for a 1, 2 finish in SS.  Rico with the Expert 35 win, Daren C with 2nd in the 50+, and Whitney taking the Expert Women win.  I have some very fast friends.  I'm so glad I don't race against them anymore.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ponytails and Arm Warmers

My wife looks great all done up in a dress with heels but something about this look I really like.  A ponytail, sleeveless with arm warmers. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Favorite Race

If I had to pick, it would be the Friday morning AF canyon group ride.  It's a ride but it always ends up being a race.  A weeks worth of bragging rights among friends is better than any podium.  This race includes the KOM, regroup, followed by a crazy fast, twisty descent for the sprint at the guard shack.  In short, it has something for everyone.  Don't feel like hammering the climb?  No problem.  You can save your legs and try for the sprint.  But if you are feeling good, go for both. 

And with the Kneaders at the base of the canyon.  For $5 you can enjoy all you can eat french toast and pancakes with a side of trash talk.