Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fancy Glasses

I wear disposable contact lenses.  I'm blind without them.  Contact lenses have gotten better but when it comes to cycling, I still suffer.  On fast downhill sections I get nervous about losing a contact lens.  On night rides, my eyes sometimes give me grief.  And when it's really windy and dusty outside, I almost always manage to get particles in my eyes. 

I have a pair of really old glasses that I wear at night or on road trips.  They must be 10 years old.  My 2 year old daughter, Sage, loves my glasses.  I hide them from her but she searches for them, finds them, and drags them around the house with her.   Needless to say, they are pretty much destroyed.  I decided it was time to finally get a new pair of glasses.  And since I only really wear them at night or when I drive long distances, I didn't really care about style.  I wanted function.  Something I could wear while cycling if needed.

I found these glasses on the Smith site.  They are cycling frames with prescription lenses.  Check them out:
REACTOR (RX) - Sunglasses

I placed my order and within a week they arrived.  I have a pin head so they look like shop glasses on me but I still plan to wear them with pride.  These glasses and my shaved legs and I'll get all the respect I need from the local bike shops (Especially if I refuse to smile as in this pic)


tibiker said...

Those are so hot, I'll bet Rachelle makes you wear them for business time.

Very nice, will you be jumping into a phone booth and coming out with your riding clothes on before rides?

Seriously the best money we ever spent was on Whit's lazer correction surgery. I don't know if you're a candidate but if you are, you need to pursue that.

andy said...

dude....get your eyes done. i did it for the same reasons you listed as why you were annoyed w/your contacts and it's everything i'd hoped for.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Jamie- Glasses are a very important part of foreplay. almost as important as recycling. And now that you mention it, the superman theme could be a good role play.

Andy- I actually went and got checked out for the laser surgery but my cornea is too thin so it's a one shot deal. I would be so bummed if anything went wrong and I ended up tweaked for life. I'll still eventually do it. Just need more guts.

KanyonKris said...

Eek, the shop glasses return! I thought Kenny banished them, but they've found a new host.

Aren't you guys taking this dork trend too far? I guess I have to point you here again:

OK, seriously, those glasses won't be considered a fashion statement, but I'm not concerned much with fashion so if it helps you bike, dork on.

UtRider said...

Awesome. I need to look into getting some of those myself for all of the aforementioned reasons!

Anonymous said...

Das da smoooooveness


Anonymous said...

rick, i could have hooked you up with those clark kent glasses i wore before my eye surgery way back. remember those?

damn, opportunity missed there. i would very much like to have seen you in those.

KanyonKris said...

Looking at those photos of you it occurred to me you look like a white Frozone. Superhero would explain your super strong riding.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Dug- those glasses ruled. I forgot about those. Serious style points.

Botched- Tru Dat.

KK- That Frozone is a handsome devil. But what are you doing looking at cartoon action figures? Stop it.

KanyonKris said...

Absolutely, Frozone is a sharp looking dude. I meant it as a compliment, or at least a harmless observation - no insult intended.

Cartoons? I have kids - need I say more? And to be honest, I like sitting down with the kids and watching The Incredibles et al.