Thursday, February 14, 2008

Value Meal

Last year, I spent $26 on a 5 lb bucket of whey protein shake.  I was pressured into buying this because EVERYONE at work had at least one of these 5 lb buckets in their office or on their desk.  It didn't matter if that person was skinny or large, everyone was on the whey protein.

The label says it contains 79 servings.  But every time I open the lid to make a shake, it seems like the protein powder has multiplied overnight and I still have a full bucket.   Should I be concerned?  Does this stuff have an expiration date? 

Check my math here but if divide $26 by 79 servings, I come up with $0.329 per serving.  That's less than half of any any item on the Wendy's dollar menu.  Where was this stuff when I was a starving college student?  

I guess the only problem is after about 10 shakes, I start to crave a different flavor.  Anyone out there want to trade buckets?  I hear the berry flavor is almost as good as Pepto-Bismol.


dug said...

i checked your math, and i came up with something else. i'm not sure what it is, you'll have to come over here and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

That elite stuff is sooo nasty. Tastes like butt. I like cottage cheese value meals with a little salt & pepper. Yum