Friday, February 1, 2008

My Cubical

I spend most of the day in a cube farm at work. It's a big cube with a window view but still it's a cube. I'm actually fine with it. But lately I've been thinking of making some changes to it.

The guy next to me has converted his cubical into a mini apartment complete with a full functioning kitchen. Seriously, his mini fridge has more food, drinks & condiments in it than my fridge at home (which feeds a family of 5). He has a full table setting for 3 (bowls, spoons, plates), he has at least 5 boxes of cold cereal, I can't tell if he has a microwave but based on the amount of frozen dinners he goes through, I'd bet he has one. And that's just his kitchen. Don't get my started on his family room or excerise area. I could go on and on but you get the point.

So if he can live rent free in his cube, why can't I have a full gym in mine? I could bring down my rollers, a spin bike, and my weight bench. Maybe a mini TV with a DVD player. I could save a lot of time by getting my workouts in while working. I think I'm on to something here and with Leadville only 8 short months away, it's time to make some changes around here.


Brandon said...

That fridge idea is money! I'm getting one for me too!

dug said...

like george did when he worked for the yankees, you could put a bed under the desk.

thinking of a mini fridge myself. but no food, just lots of diet coke.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Castanza and TP have a pillow under their desk for napping. Ask TP about it, he's been busted napping down there before.

tp said...

It was a rolled up towel. My wife caught me with it underneath my desk. She thought I was using it for something other than taking a nap ... I'm not sure if I should be more embarrased for using it to take a nap at my home office.