Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Feel 18 Again

I visited a chiropractic physician today to get my back adjusted. I've gone 35 years and have never had this done before. I'm here to tell you that you have not lived a full life until you've had your back adjusted (and I mean really adjusted). I'm pretty sure the receptionist who was on the other side of the door and 20 ft down the hall heard and felt my adjustment. Immediatley after, I jumped up off the table and felt like a new man.

I've always been reluctant to go to the doctor or take any medication unless I really needed it. I'm starting to wonder what else I've been missing. Maybe I'll try an Ambien tonight?

I'm back in business and ready to ride. Good luck to all who will be racing the St. George Intermountain Cup this weekend. I'll be out of town but have my eye on the race in April.


bbanks said...

Give me the name and number, I've been thinking about doing this; maybe if you give out enough referrals you can get a free adjustment! Free is ALWAYS good.

KanyonKris said...

Glad your feeling better. Back stuff stinks.

But no ICup race? I can't talk, I'm going down but don't know if I'll race. I'm not very fast right now and there a re 2 new trails I haven't done right next door (Zen and Barrel). I enjoy riding new single-track WAY more than racing.

Boz said...

It is such a cool feeling after that big popping noise to realize your back didn't break, but feels so much better. I have it done every few years. Glads your adjustment went well.

Anonymous said...

hey, something was wrong with my computer 'cause since 31-October, it kept showing your "franken bike" post.

After (I thought) you hadn't posted for a month or so, I assumed you were dead and tried to find new friends.

Welcome back.