Thursday, February 14, 2008

V-Day Card

My wife is a good sport. Between my biking and skiing habit, she ends up doing 3x the typical laundry than the normal 5 person family. So it's not a surprise that it was while doing a load of darks she was noticed something. The chamois in one of my favorite bib shorts resembles a heart. This inspired her to make a V-day card using the chamois from my bib shorts. Check it out: (Warning, these shorts have been heavily used and the chamois is a little warn in the middle. Despite the darkness, it's not what you might think or maybe it is....I can't say for sure).


dug said...

i think it IS what i think it is. which makes this valentine EXTRA special.

KanyonKris said...

Clever image - upon first look I thought "heart, valentines" so I agree with your impression. Unlike Dug, I'll not comment on the dark area. ;-)

Back to your ride post - ya, Orem is a bit too far away to meet for a lunch ride. But I live in Orem so we could hook up for an evening / weekend ride sometime.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Dug- I'm bringing it over to your house tonight for further examination. just like the TC adds 10lbs, the web adds darker tones. I'll be there at 7 for dinner. skim milk for me thanks.

KanyonKris- yes, let's do that. The days are getting longer now.

tp said...

DUDE! you didn't have to call attention to your skid mark. Jill forwarded me the image this morning from an email that your wife apparently sent out to her and I didn't even look twice. Ooooh icky poo poo!