Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sweet Nectar

The kids got me this book for Christmas - "From Lance to Landis". I've really liked it. My favorite part of the book so far is when Tyler Hamilton talks about his attempt to lose weight and uses a diet of water and Diet Coke.
For years, I've been thinking about going off the Diet Coke but can never get myself to do it. I like it too much. I've thought it might help my cycling if I cut it out of my diet but after reading about Tyler driking it for his main food source and seeing how successful he has been, I'm sticking with it. It's my EPO.


The Gaoirans said...

I blame you and Dug for my diet coke addiction. I have thought about dropping the juice too, but its way to much to ask for. i might be willing to drop a can a day, but for now my daily intake is what i need.

dug said...

sleepy, dropping a can a day wouldn't dent your intake. maybe drop a 12 pack a day.

mmm. diet coke. mmm, noodle soup.

BP said...

diet coke. Just writing this and I am going to 7-11. It's 10:50 am and I don't have a problem. But seriously. Here are the results of my scientific experiment. I raced all of 2003 without any diet coke. None. I won the my expert class points race in the ICS. A few years later, drinking as much diet coke as I could before, during and after training and always following a race...and I won the series that year as well. Last year was my best year racing ever and I was again sponsored by diet coke with a sub sponsor by mountain dew. It's just good stuff. The folks in Atlanta should make a recovery version. I believe it existed in the garden of eden. Bottoms up!

jp said...

If BP says it is ok to train on it, good enough for me.
Bring on the super gulp.

Rick Sunderlage said...

I'm asking Joey to put the DC logo on the 2008 jersey's.

tibiker said...

That's actually a great idea. I like it a lot.