Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cosmic Brownies

I noticed a box of these in the pantry the other day:

Seth, our 8 year old, picked them out for his school lunches. At first glance, I didn't even have any interest in these but by the time 3am rolled around, I woke up and couldn't get these out of my head.

I resisted.

As I left for work, I grabbed one. Figured it would be a good pre-ride sugar rush.

I kept looking at that brownie on my desk all morning. Wondering if it really was a good as it looked.

Finally at 11am, I ate it.

Little Debbie makes a mean cosmic brownie. Highly recommended before a ride (and not half bad post ride)


dug said...

stop it

KanyonKris said...

My almost-8 boy picked those out too. Little Debbie knows targeted package design. Or that rainbow design is subliminal.

South County Ciclista said...

So yesterday my wife and 8yr came home from the store and guess what they had? Yep, the same brownies. Maybe its the 3rd grade thing this year.

Grizzly Adam said...

I had those down at RAWROD. I think they each have like 300 calories.

Jonnie J said...

As a devout disciple of the Little Debbie product line.....you have piqued my curiosity. I'm more of a Swiss cake roll kinda guy but I am going to check these out.

Anonymous said...

Those things are like crack. I think I used to get one with my lunch every day in middle school.

I can totally make a meal out of them, in terms of calories, if I don't watch myself :P

Weight isn't an issue for me though~

My fav post ride food/drink is a tsp of instant coffee added to a tall glass of chocolate milk. <3