Saturday, October 31, 2009

Helloween Video

About 25-30 of us showed up this year for the Helloween ride. The temps were actually really nice. Most of us were sweating on the climbs. The trails were in perfect shape. No mud or slop.

Once again, I didn't get much on film. I was having too much fun contesting the hill climb and riding. But I was able to get a little bit on film.


Aaron Smith had a MP3 player with speakers strapped to his top tube and was pumping out some 80's heavy metal the entire ride. One of the Iron Maiden songs was stuck in my head all night. I had to use it as the soundtrack.

Post ride breakfast was at Denny's. Must have been 20 of us. Breakfast always hits the spot at 1am.

I hijacked some pictures from Keith

Next time you see Rob, ask him what the cops said when they saw the doll in his car. Or maybe the better question would be "where did he get such a doll in the first place?" Disturbing.

I got dressed up for the occasion

Something tells me Aaron didn't need to buy anything to make his costume

Dan was on standby in case anyone got hurt and Kenny was rocking one of his countless sub 9 buckles.

Grizzy Adam in his dress and gorilla mask and Maddox was taking everyones money


dug said...

now i'm sad. i had a bit of an intestinal issue that kept me home. i guess i could have come as the guy who crapped his pants all the time, but think of the mess.

at least mark went as me. so i've got that going for me. which is nice.

Miles: said...

Great time - some awesome costumes and some disturbing ones.

Ryan said...

Most awesome night ride ever. Thanks Rick

Rick Sunderlage said...

dug- I thought you were there for the first 20 min of the ride, then I realized it was Mark dressed up as you.

Try and work down some bananas. They will take care of your issue.

Sorry man.

Ryan- I still don't understand how your rode in that costume. Impressive.

KanyonKris said...

Rick, thanks for putting this ride together. I had a great time. Nice work on the video. And thanks for motivating me to go fast down the BST - fast is fun.

Yeah, I had that metal song in my head the whole night, and I didn't mind one bit. Seemed to set the proper mood.

Did you find out who "haunted" the trail? Those ghost decorations were fun. I saw the purple one up on upper belt when I was riding solo - spooky. Thanks to whoever did that - nice touch.

South County Ciclista said...

Great event from Salt Cycling. I had a lot of fun. I am just now getting rid of my lung burn from the first climb.

Repeat at lunch today, sans costume?

Evil said...

good video, great soundtrack........I'm in next year--no bullshit.

Rob said...

I didn't hear what the cops said - I was on the ground with a boot on my ear until they found out it was just a doll.

Still walked away with a ticket. (Did you know that they frown upon living in a state for 2 years and not updating your license?)

Great night. Great ride.

Steveo said...

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