Thursday, October 15, 2009


At some point in time, I'll invest in the tools needed to swap out my cog. But until then, I'll keep relying on friends. Which means, I tend to run whatever gear I have for all my rides. Every 6-12 months, I'll make a change but I've noticed a disturbing trend.

The evolution of the gearing on my SS during the past 2 years looks like this:

  • 32x20
  • 34x20
  • 32x19
  • 32x18
At this rate, by March of 2010, I'll be running a 16t. I've heard the 16t cog comes with a discount on titanium knee joint replacement.


dug said...

it's evolution, baby.

Aaron said...

I was "rocking" a 32x20 during lunch today, and thought a 32x22 sounded really good. By March 2015, I'll just swap my two rings and run a 20x32. Granny gear, all the time.

tibiker said...

You're riding an 18 now? More of a man than me, this time of year I'm thinking of putting the 20 back on.

Jonnie J said...

I have a wrench I will sell you real cheap.