Monday, October 12, 2009

24 Hours of Moab

For those interested in seeing Kenny run, you can watch the video of the start of the race here:

I didn't get any of the race on video except the start. I guess I was too occupied with riding my bike and tinkering between laps.

A few quick thoughts....
  • Maybe I'm still on an endorphin high or maybe its the lack of sleep but the 24 Hours of Moab was one of the best races I've done. I loved it.
  • Kenny offered his "Daisy Dukes" to anyone on the team who posted the fast time. It was no surprise that Kenny kept his Dukes and maintained the alpha male status. It's also worth mentioning that Kenny decided to wear his daisy dukes for the run/1st lap. The rest of us placed bets on weather or not the shorts would make it around the 15 mile lap without falling apart.
  • Elden was able to work his blogging celebrity status and outfit the team with Princeton Tec Switchback 3 lights. The lights worked great. I ran mine on my bar and after 3 night laps, with a rigid fork, over some very technical rocky sections, I never had to adjust the light or charge it. I give it an A. I'd buy one as my next light.
  • Nick stepped up and filled a last minute vacancy on the team. He got the call Thur night and scrambled to get his gear ready and join us. There were some unknowns about how Nick would do. He has never owned or ridden a rigid fork and has been riding a SS for less than a year . He crushed it and posted some very fast laps and kept us on track for a strong finish.
I hope Team Fatty decides to be there again in 2010.


South County Ciclista said...

Congrats on the great race and good finish. Sounds like you all had a good time.

dug said...

big audio dynamite. nice choice.

i need to see some pockets hanging out of those shorts before we start calling them daisy dukes.

KanyonKris said...

Nice video. Good you got a shot of the luchadores - did they wear those masks out on the course? The whole event had a good vibe - I enjoyed it.