Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Thaw

Tried out the MASHer long sleeve jersey on a lunch ride today. Something about the stars that make me want to go fast.
The first Salt Cycling t-shirts will be finished this week and available. Be the first kid on the block to get one. The perfect addition to your casual Friday attire.
Check back tomorrow for details.


South County Ciclista said...

I am interested in the t-shirts.

StupidBike said...


Prospector trail last Friday.b

Rick Sunderlage said...

Brandon- check back tomorrow and I should have pics of the shirt.

Bob- You make it look much better than me.

StupidBike said...

all i can think of looking at that photo, besides the fact the Kathy' is photogenic, is that, hmmm, 'does this jersey make my belly look big?'

Maybe it was the Nielsens

Anonymous said...

Have you decided which Twin Six T-Shirt your going to copy?

Rick Sunderlage said...

anonymous- That's cute. How about putting your name behind your comment. Its funny how T6 "claims" to have the rights to a word like "Masher". Seems like if you ride a bike at all, it's a word that you are going to hear.

I'm a big fan of T6. They make great stuff. Buy just because someone else makes a jersey, doesn't mean they are copying T6.

Thanks for the visit. You sound like a really, um...cool guy.

Anonymous said...

Teddy Phillips from Des Moines.....the fact that my name is now on there doesn't change the fact that your apparel and sayings are way to close to a few groups out of the midwest scene. If you want to be a cover band, go right ahead.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Teddy- thanks for your feedback. Seriously. We all get our inspiration from different sources. No doubt T6 changed the way cycling jerseys look and for that I am forever thankful. I'm not denying that argyle can be traced back to T6 (although I'd give credit to Slipstream for making it popular) and it's true that they put out a masher jersey but the word masher is not a phrase they can claim the rights to. It's eveywhere in the cycling community. Especially in the singlespeed community. And the 29 and single phrase wasn't something I came up with (although I do own the domain www.29andsingle.com)

That said, I think I've made my stuff different enough from what is already out there.

Sorry you're not a fan.

I think it's safe to say that even the BKB got a lot of their inspiration from Metallica albums. I don't go posting complaints about that.

Lastly, it's commical to think that my small jersey runs are even on the map in the cycling apparel world. It's just a small side project for the local scene. T6 is king and I hope they always will be. They seem like great guys.