Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Some things are too sacred to talk about. Like this morning. I met Ben and Bill from Black Diamond for a backcountry session up Little Cottonwood Canyon. We knew they would be shutting down the canyon around 6:15am for avalanche control work, so we made sure we got past the first gate before then. We were the last car they let up before they shut the road down (which was closer to 5:55ish).

Breaking trail was brutal. Luckily Ben is a mountain goat. He did most of the work. My turn to break just so happened to be at about 9,000 ft where the snow was at least 2 ft. I almost blew out a hip trying to break trail. It worked me pretty good. The higher we climbed, the more ridiculous it got. So deep.

We had all of Scotties to ourselves. I probably only made 10 turns the from the peak to the car. It was THAT deep.

Finished the morning off with a McDonalds breakfast. I earned these calories.


Anonymous said...

whatever. i made the kessel run in five parsecs once.

Anonymous said...

i wondered if that mid-day update to the avy forecast was less cause for concern than we made it out to be. seems like things settled quite a bit overnight. glad you got the goods.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Dug- please no more Star Wars references. Lord of the Rings yes, but no Star Wars.