Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Bottle Tube Carrying Thing

I hate carrying a lot of stuff in my jersey pockets.  Hate it.  So a few years ago when I saw Kenny riding with his tube, CO2, & lever in a cut off bottle I was hooked.  

Sure it takes up one of the water bottle cages but water is heavy and over rated.

It doesn't look pretty but it works great and can also be a great garbage can for your empty Gu packs. 

I've been riding with this set up for a while now and take some crap from my friends every now and then but I think it's catching on.

I saw this pic from the Belgium Knee Warmers site as they get ready for the Tour of California Prologue today.  


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea! And for those obsessed with aerodynamics, it works on that level too by reducing drag from the bulk that would normally be on your back sticking out into the wind. Besides, I hate putting stuff into pockets too. It is one of the annoying things about road biking.

Now, if you could make it so that water could be in the top half of the bottle and storage on the bottom half, you could have the ultimate water/storage bottle - like a GEL BOT (just kidding!).

mtb w

Anonymous said...

Just as you saw Kenny using it, I saw you using it and now I use it too...........It is a great setup!

Andy H. said...

You guys need the cage rocket ( Since it has a lid it works on the MTB as well.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Andy- thanks for the link. Actually pretty cool. Although a usually throw my phone in a ziploc bag. Or ride with Dug cuz Dug always has his phone.