Sunday, February 8, 2009


Saturday morning I got a text that read "Check your mail box".  I knew exactly what was happening.  The Leadville 100 postcards had started to arrive in Utah.  Pretty soon, I got another email and then a phone call.   By 3pm, I had heard that a total of 8 of my friends had gotten in.  

My wife was skiing all day.  I was home with the kids but couldn't check the mail since Rachelle has the only mail key on her keychain.  

I had to wait all day to find out if my postcard was in my mailbox.   By 3:15 Rachelle called and told me she was on her way home but I was going stir crazy not knowing.  I put my oldest daughter in charge of the other 2 kids, threw on my gear and rolled out for a quick road ride.  

Got home from the ride and found this postcard laying on top of my wallet on the kitchen counter.  

Time to lay off the maple bars and start getting ready.


UtRider said...

I was under the impression that maple bars were helping you get ready. Now you tell me they're not? So much for trying to model my training after yours... Now what do I do?

Anonymous said...

congrates on the lottery win. you'll have to have somebody take lots of pics and do a detailed write for those of us that won't make it this year.

Anonymous said...

2 friends and I got in from North Carolina. We are excited to come check this thing out.

Anonymous said...

mailbox = empty.

Maybe today...

Rick Sunderlage said...

UTRider- Find someone with a big belt buckle and do what they do.

OilcanRacer- Thanks! Did you try to get in?

David- Buy an oxygen tent

Mark- You live right next to Jon who is still waiting for his card. I'm guessing the postman hasn't come to your street yet. There is still hope.

Anonymous said...

dude, you have it all backwards. MORE maple bars, not less.

don't make me come down there.

Anonymous said...

its better that i didn't get in as i will not be in top shape to make a fast go at it.

i was more going to scope it out for next year as i have never done the course before.
maybe i might just poach the ride and hang back with the "almost not going to finish" crowd, be supportive and hauling just in case supplies.

Steveo said...

Sadly I didn't get in. I didn't send my application in until Jan 20. I've heard that while it is a lottery, the later you send in the higher your chance of not getting in.
I'm planning on RAWROD for the first time though and volunteering at Leadville.

Anonymous said...

Rick are you doing the LT100 on the SS?

Rick Sunderlage said...

Anonymous- yep. SS for me this year at leadville