Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vomit, Language, Trash Talk & French Toast

You know it's a good ride when someone throws up on the climb.

This morning, 4 of us from work met at the bottom of Suncrest (North side), and rode our bikes into work. Its about a 23 mile commute if we do the Suncrest climb.

In the past I commuted for training miles but now I commute to avoid the high gas prices. It's out of control. I can't bring myself to fill up the truck all the way. As soon as the pump reads $50, I shut it off and call it good.

The climb up Suncrest started out a solid pace (no warm up whatsoever). Rico put the hammer down, then Dave decided to pass him, and the pace got faster and faster as we got closer to top. So fast, in fact, one of the guys (Rico) lost his breakfast on the side of the road....nice.

By the time we got to the top, it was clear this was not going to be a friendly social ride into work. As soon as we all dropped down the South side into Alpine, the pace kicked back up and heart rates spiked. It was pretty much a 15 mile sprint into work at that point.

Since we don't ride a lot together, the Alpha male has not been established and that means it's going to hurt until we figure it out.

After the ride, Dave and I paid $7 for all you can eat french toast at the local Kneaders. Sooooo good.


Anonymous said...

The intensity explains why you didn't wave to Wendy when she saw you near the intersetion of SR 92 in Alpine...

clark said...

Is this the Rick Sunderlage (apparently not your real name) who I "worked" with in Modesto, Ca, and was my roommate in Provo?

Funny to find your blog. I now work in Draper and am always looking for a reason to ride.

Clark Dana (real name)

Rick Sunderlage said...

Rob- yeah, sorry. I probably thought it was seeing/hearing things.

Clark- Shouldn't you have DMD by your name? Good to hear from you. I live in Draper. Let's go ride.

clark said...


Its DDS, please. And yes, I would appreciate it if you would address me as such!

send me your email.

Clark, DDS

Anonymous said...

no video of the puking?

Anonymous said...

Clark, Jamie Pogue here (the endodontist). Small world. Didn't know you rode bikes. I also had no idea we had a mutual friend in Rick. Do you ride road, mountain or both? I live about a mile from the equestrian center in Draper, about 2 blocks east of Draper park. Let me know if you ever want to ride. I am mostly mtn biking this year but rumor has it that I own a road bike and have actually been spotted riding it this week. My e-mail is tibiker29 @ g mail dot com. (the blogsites usually recognize e-mail and reject it so I wrote it this way)

Rick Sunderlage said...

Clark- Be warned. Jamie is fast. It will hurt.
my email is r.sunderlage@comcast.net