Monday, November 12, 2007

Time Trial - Clarks

I've been hearing a lot of talk out there about who can post the fastest time up Clarks. The 11:28 time was replaced by 11:16, then 11:15 and now I am hearing that Jamie and Brad P have broken the 11 minute mark and are posting times like 10:50ish? Is this true?

I get that pre-race pit in my stomach just thinking about this but I think it's time we had an all out time trial competition up Clarks to see where the core group ranks.

After all, it's the local climb. Most of us ride this 3+ times a week and know every corner and exactly where it kicks up in grade. It's about time we determine who the Alpha male is around these parts.

Here is my prediction for the top 3:
Brad P.
Brad K.
(what is it with the name Brad? I'm seriously considering changing my name to Brad S. It should shave at least 30 seconds off my time).

Maybe we could attract some of the Utah County contenders like Kenny Jones and the Brothers Gibson?

Until then, I'll be busy designing a belt buckle for anyone who can break the 10 min mark.

Post your time as a comment.


fatcyclist said...


bp said...

I will commit to breaking 10:00 on May 23rd, 2008. If I can borrow Parkinson's bike...

bradk said...

Wow! blazing times. I'm pretty sure the few times I've kept track it was like 15 minutes and change. I want some of whatever you guys are smokin. Dude, we missed you at Fall Moab 08'

tibiker said...

I know where I stand....exactly how you had it listed on your blog. I just posted my 10:57 yesterday, so it's gonna be a while before I give it another go, that freakin hurt. BP has the record now at 10:55. His team mate Rich posted 10:59 last week so there's your top three as of now. I'm sure I'll get bumped down a spot as soon as BradK gives it a go.

tibiker said...

The "Official" starting/finishing points as determined by UCI, Intermountain cup, Norba, USCF, WADA, ASO, Draper trails, Clark Naylor himself, etc. are as follows:
Start time as you ride off the bridge at the bottom.
Finish timing as you pass the 2nd sign (upper most sign) just before the gravel road.

(Actually Tony P came up with the start and finish points)

Rick Sunderlage said...

I'm going to have Rachelle motor pace me up Clarks on a Honda trail 70 to get myself in prime form before I give it a go.

BradK- I know you have a sub 10 in you.

dug said...

32 minutes flat. the goat was there, freaked me out, threw me off my game.

adam said...

What if I don't want to be lumped in the same conversation as the "A" teamers. Can we compete just among us "B" grade climbers? 10 minutes and change is nuts....I'll stick with my now seemingly pathetic 11:16

Bobby said...

Ahem...Change your name to Brad S.? You seem to have forgotten that you have a brother named (well, middle named) Brad S.

Maybe MTBing is my destiny. Maybe the first time I try Clarks, Ill rank just below or between the other Brads....