Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Locker

I've mentioned this before but I typically leave all my cycling gear in my truck. I like the idea that I can ride at any time if the opportunity presents itself and the timing is right with my work schedule.
The problem is, my truck has started to look and smell like a science experiment. Everything from a soggy helmet (still wet from last night's night ride), damp mountain bikes shoes, to my cycling vest hanging over the passenger seat. But the real source of the odor seems to be from my gloves. I admit my gloves don't make it into the wash as often as they should but who remembers to wash their gloves every week? I have a post ride routine which includes stuffing my gloves, lever, CO2, and glasses back into the side pocket of my bag. This means I only wash my gloves when I remember to which is like 4 times a year at best.

It's weird that I feel comfortable wearing these gloves but if anyone ever needed to borrow a pair, I'd be way too embarrassed to lend them out. They have salt rings and dried snot on the fingers and only fit my hands. If anyone else tried to put these on, they would crack and fall apart. It's the closest analogy i can think of to Cinderalla's glass slipper.


Bobby said...

I bought a pair of winter - wet weather gloves in Portland that were 100% neoprene and 100% non-breathable. After the first 4 days I was dry heaving everytime I pulled them fingers were prime for flubs.

tibiker said...

I think your "smokin hot wife" has an easy idea for a christmas gift now. 4 pairs of gloves in your stocking would mean that during a typical week each would be cycled through the wash while you're wearing the others.

Brandon said...

Dude, that is funny you say that about the gloves. I was noticing a funky smell in my vehicle as well.......turns out it was from the gloves! Anyway, I went and bought a 5 dollar gym bag from Target; I throw them in there, zip it up and I'm good to go. You just have to make sure you remove the bag from your vehicle before you unzip it again for your next ride or the pungent stench (remember them?) will knock you on your ass!