Thursday, November 1, 2007

1st Annual DNA Halloween Night Ride

After fueling up on Halloween candy all day, we met at the EQ in Draper for a Halloween night ride. Tony was in full Halloween spirit and showed up wearing a tutu and wings. We spent the next 5 minutes arguring who got to ride behind him on the ride.

Tony set the pace up Clarks (i ended up behind him and had to tell him every 5 minutes if his wings were straight). It's not always easy to follow a SS up a climb. Especially when Jamie is behind me buzzing my wheel.

After we got the top, we went down Ghost and stayed right which eventually connects into some new single track (The Draper trail guys rock), and then over to the jeep road.

About half way up the jeep road, someone decided to make a move (not me) and all of a sudden, I found myself with Tony, Jamie, and Justin racing to the top. Even with gears, I couldn't catch Jamie but managed to keep him in sight.

We went back down Ghost but this time we stayed left and ended with a new section of trail that connects to the old race course.

2000 ft of climbing, 11 miles, 1.5 hours and a lot of cool single track.

The Group (from left to right):

Sam- Somewhat new to mountain biking but you wouldn't know it. We all fear Sam for next year. He has the cycling bug, has a nice new Niner Air 9 ,and has a hard core winter training plan in place which includes cyclo-cross. We expect him to dominate in 2008.

Rick (me)- Wishing I had a diet coke in this picture.

Joey- Nicest guy in the World, master mechanic, most stylish of the group, the guy with all the hook ups and mad bike skills.

Jamie- Alpha male, sick fast on a rigid SS, also a master mechanic, is the pimp of bikes and can get you anything you need. Just hint that you are thinking of a new bike and you will get an email with 50 links to bike sites you never knew existed complete with pros and cons of every option available.

Tony- Climbs like a mountain goat, lives off bagels & peanut butter, always up for a ride, likes to dress up like a fairy, and is the cleanest member of the group.

Adam- Never loses his fitness or cycling legs, can do it all- climb, clear moves, and downhill.

Seth- The guy behind DNA who makes us look good. Can drop you hard on a road bike, is the Utah champion in his category for cyclo-cross, has a uterus (or doesn't like to be cold).

Justin- (not pictured)- He took a different route home after the ride. We hope he made it back home. The dude is super strong and can suffer through any type of pain. Goes downhill like it aint no thing.

I think we may have started a tradition with this ride. Next year, I hope we can get the rest of the group out.

Check out the post ride chill in Joe's hot tub:


Brandon said...

Nice write up you sick freak!

tibiker said...

Awesome, I'm already thinking of my costume for next year.....and Rick I remember YOU as the instigator on the climb that started the tom foolery.

dug said...

it's ALWAYS rick, he acts like, hey, let's go easy, i hate it when we race, then he starts half wheeling you, then he starts dropping you, and if you're jamie, you respond and if you're ME, well, you get off your bike and rest a bit.

Anonymous said...

Rick, this is too weird, flipping through websites, I found your name. This is Matt Fox from when you were growing up. I saw your brother's name for some reason and then I saw you. Email me at Would like to find out what is up, obviously for you it's riding.