Friday, November 30, 2007

Breaking the Rules

The rules clearly state that the host of the ride should be at the front, or near the front, or at least not at the back. That rule was not followed on today's ride.

Yesterday, I threw out the idea of a lunch ride down here in Orem. That made me the host of the ride. It was great to see Brad, Tony, Adam and Kenny (yes Kenny, the one with the recent hip surgery) all come down and meet for a Frank to Dry loop. Dug is too important now for rides and wasn't able to make it. Or maybe he knew better. Kenny, Brad, Adam, and Tony are all "fast guys".

The stuff up north has snow on it. Pretty much the nearest option for a ride is Utah County. Which is probably why Tony, Brad and Adam all deciced to make the 30 min drive down.

The ride started out with just the 4 of us and just as we got to the gate where the pavement turns to dirt, Kenny rolled up in his F"n"J and caught us.

This is Kenny's backyard, so he lead the pack. The pace was fast. Kenny, Tony, and Brad were all on SS which didn't help the pace any. I quickly moved to the back of the group and tried to settle in but was hurting. I'd like to blame it on the fact that I have a cold but the fact is, I ride with a cold all the time. I just didn't have it today.

Just as I was about the blow up, Brad got a flat.....Nice.

After a quick change, we were rolling again. The trails were dry and the temps were cool but not cold. It was fun to ride with people again. I've been used to riding solo the past couple of weeks.

Adam and Kenny
We rolled into the parking lot just as the rain/snow started to fall. We timed this ride to perfection. Good times. I can't end the season feeling like the slow guy of the group. I demand a re-match.


tp said...

Uhhg! Where did my legs go today? Apparently the same place yours did. That's the last time I ask BK whether or not it's a good trail for a single speed. When will I learn ....

bradk said...

That was fine ride ride today. Thanks for putting that together. Coming to Wheeler Farm for some cyclocross tomorrow?

dug said...

hey, go ride it for a rematch on monday. should be fun.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Dug- Riding it in the snow might be easier than riding it with Kenny and Brad. Maybe I'll try it.