Monday, November 5, 2007

The Lunch Ride

I work for a very intense software company in Utah county. The kind of company that expects you to be in the office early and stay late. Not a great situation for a cyclist who likes to ride 4-5 days a week.

So when we moved our clocks back an hour over the weekend, it messed with my post work ride schedule. The mornings are way too cold for lycra and the late afternoons are too dark. My only options are lunch rides or night rides.

About a year ago, I had a great idea. I decided to pitch to the Marketing and HR teams here at work that it was about time we had a Corp cycling team. When I say team, I mean cycling group (Team just sounds better). So I had Seth help me design a kit with our company logos plastered all over the jersey and bib shorts. I managed to get about 30 people here at work commit to training and riding the MS-150 this year as a company charity event. Anyone who signed up for the MS-150 ride got a free jersey and shorts compliments of the CEO.

To my surprise, we had several Directors, Sr. VP's, the President of World Wide Sales, the CFO, and many high level Engineers sign up. riding during the work week was now acceptable because I could call it training for the MS-150 ride.

Now when I sneak out for that long lunch ride at work, I try and wear the company kit so I am viewed as a good Corp. citizen trying to respresent my company in the community. It's a brillant plan and, so far, has worked out great.

Today was perfect. mid 60's, sunny and dry. The trails down here in Provo are in great shape.
I am so much more effective at work if I'm able to get a ride in. I come back happy, my mind is clear and I don't feel like I have to sneak out of work eary to get a ride in.

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