Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Open Invitation

The forecast for tomorrow calls for 45 and partly sunny with a potential storm on tap for Saturday. This means no riding this weekend.

The trails down here in Orem are dry and in great shape. I think it's time that the core group tried the Frank to Dry loop. So here's the plan...

Tomorrow- Fri 11/30

Where: Omniture Parking Lot

When: 11:45am depature

What: Frank to Dry

Who: Anyone

Ride time is about 1:20. It starts out with a wicked jeep road climb and then connects to a nice steep single track climb and then some fast tight single track back down to the parking lot.

Who's with me?


tp said...

Anything to put off riding inside on a spin bike. See you tomorrow.

bobby said...

will this be supported?

Rick Sunderlage said...

Tony- call me tomorrow and I can give you directions

Bobby- I will pack enough rice crackers for all who attend.

bradk said...

I think I'm in. TP, I'll pick you up at 11 and Dug We'll by for you at 11:15ish

dug said...

i can't go, i'm cleansing.