Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shorter Days and up 5 lbs

I haven't been getting out as much during the day so I've turned to night rides. Last night, Tony and I rode for 1.5 hours in Draper. I felt slow. Maybe because Tony was on his 20 lb SS and is in fine form. Or maybe because I'm up 5 lbs and have been eating like a pig the past couple of weeks. Either way, it was a reality check for me. Tony was interested in carrying on a conversation. I was happy to let him talk while I looked around for air. I was like a fish out of water. It's funny how quickly you can lose your fitness. It seems like it takes months to get into form but it can all go away in a week.

I'm itching to get my cross bike built up and get at least one cross race in before the season is over. I'm sure this will be a painful experience. One hour of all out racing. Call me crazy but sometimes I miss the pain of racing (you've seen "Swingers", right?..."You mean you miss the pain?").

Also, Rachelle and I have added a new member to our family of bikes. She is the proud new owner of a Giant Anthem 1. We took this out for a demo ride on Saturday. She looked so good on the bike, we had to get it. Here is a stock photo:


dug said...

that bike has no pedals--how do you make it go?

you're fat.

tp said...

Is that why you weren't talking to me? I thought maybe I hurt your "feel bads".

-Chatty Cathy