Friday, October 12, 2007

The Morning After

For the past several weeks, we've settled into a habit of a Thursday night ride followed by breakfast at the Village Inn. It's become a part of my routine. Something I look forward to as much as the weekend.

Last night the group was small (Jamie, Tony, Brad K., and me). We rode up Clarks, down Ghost Falls, caught a new section of trail over to the jeep road, back up and down Ghost again and then finished it off with pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns.

It's been years since Brad has done a night ride so it was fun to have him along. He will be racing the 24 hours of Moab this weekend as part of a 4 person single speed / rigid team and probably wanted to get a quick night ride in to fine tune his skills before the big race. I'm just glad he kept the pace slow and didn't encourage Jamie to go all out. The pace was fast but good.

The morning after is always a bit rough. My recovery plan usually includes a couple of Diet Cokes. However yesterday, the Red Bull girls visited the Omniture offices and handed out samples of Red Bull. I should be flying high by 10am after I polish these off....


tp said...

Last night was a blast! I couldn't fall asleep after we returned because I was replaying our ride over and over again in my mind. Even after riding Corner Canyon several times this week, the night ride adds an additional degree of entertainment. Viva el noche!

Jonathan said...

Sorry I missed out on the festivities....wife is out of town.....and so will I be next week. I hope the weather holds so i can break the lights back out again.

R said...

"Red Bull girls came to our office?.."

Software company, Red Bull...I get it.

I think.