Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Almost Everything

During the week, I usually leave all my cycling gear in the back of my truck. Too many times, I've received that email at 3pm on a Tuesday from the core group proposing a time and route for a ride only to realize I didn't have my bike or gear with me.

It's just nice to know that if the opportunity for a ride comes up, I am prepared to leave work at the drop of a hat and meet up with the group.

Sometimes I'll get multiple emails during the day. Yesterday, for example, I had the option to ride on the road with Elden, singlespeed with Dug and Dan, or Night ride with Tony and the DNA group.

Since the singlespeed ride was my idea, I of course elected for that option. I met Dug and Dan at 4:45 in Draper and rode up from the Draper pool to the tunnel, up the tunnel to the flight park trail head, stayed left up the new section of trail that comes within a mile of Suncrest, back down, out to the flight park, and back to the car. It was only about an hour ride (I needed to be at Tatum's soccer game by 6:15), but sometimes an hour is all that is needed to take my mind off the stress and pressures of work.

This morning as I pulled into work, I realized that I had my bike, shoes, helmet, gloves, pump, gear bag, jersey, but NO SHORTS!!!

Have you ever been tempted to drop $60 on a pair of shorts from the local shop (Racer's Cycle Service) just so you could get a ride in?


dug said...

last summer i was going to ride up emigration and east canyon on road with brad, and forgot my shoes.

i went to contender bicycles and bought road shoes and pedals.

brad is better than me. once for the same ride he forgot his bike shorts and jersey, but had his other stuff. he rode in his cargo shorts and madras shirt.

Rick Sunderlage said...

I'm not sure I could pull off a ride with jeans and a jersey.
I like your approach better Dug.

Jonathan said...

Just cut those jeans off into capris and your good to go...just ask Dug.

Jonathan said...

You missed out on a serious mud fest in AF canyon yesterday. It was so thick that both Adam and Justin snapped their rear deraillers. I am still picking mud out of my eyes.

dug said...

john, um, deraillers?

Rick Sunderlage said...

Jon- Glad I missed that ride.