Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Itch For Something New

I've been thinking a lot lately about adding to my bike collection (Rachelle, turn away now...)

The problem is this. It's too hard to know what to get.

1) I have friends who are pulling the trigger on single speed road bikes

2) My brother just built up a very cool fixie

3) It's cyclosross season and that looks really fun

4) I've always wanted to do it right and get a custom single speed mountain bike

It seems a little crazy to have so many bikes but it's not like I don't ride them. Adding a cross bike to the mix would allow me to do some races late in the year and maintain my fitness.

I like Elden's (Fatty's) advice on how to get approval from the wife to get a new bike. Check it out here:


dug said...

wish i could get a new bike. i'm down to two.

whitney said...

i don't want to point out the obvious, but have you seen that hunk of metal your wife has been riding? ha! (see rachelle, i am always working it for you!!!)

Rick Sunderlage said...

Whit - yeah, but Rachelle has much nicer shoes than I do.

tibiker said...

What Rick said.

tibiker said...

I think Rick's waiting until Interbike '08 to try and win a bike for his wife at the Niner booth.

whitney said...

i think rick needs to invest in some new shoes!!!