Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall Moab 2007 (In St. George)

Every year in early November, a bunch of us get together for "Fall Moab". Fall Moab is like a National Holiday. It's a big deal and it's always on the calendar. There is a core group that has been doing this for years but every year the group varies a bit. The riders range from pro racers to twinkie eaters (and I mean actual twinkies. Just ask Tom). The group is usually: Dug, Brad K., Elden, Rick M, Kenny, Bob, Tom, Rich, Chucky, Racer, Dan, Gary, Cory, Paul, and me.

It's a big deal. In fact, every year, there is a theme which includes a poster (compliments of Kenny Jones at Kenny's One Hour Photo).

These posters make their way on to the windows of every car in the caravan and can usually be seen in Racer's shop and eventually on some restaurant windows in Moab. Here is a sample of Fall Moab 05:

(click on it to enlarge)

This year, Fall Moab is being held in St. George (but will still be called Fall Moab). The original plan was to stay in Brad K.'s yurt right on Gooseberry Mesa. Brad purchased the last piece of land for sale on Gooseberry and is in the process of putting in several yurts which he plans to rent out. Seriously, check out his site:

Due to some permit delay's the yurts are not ready but we still plan to camp on Brad's property and ride Gooseberry as part of the trip.

You can bet that there will stories of spectacular crashes, riders cleaning insane moves, big drops (especially for guys on rigid single speeds), good food, and plenty of "homo" jokes.

Good times.

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