Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Pre-Work Hours

Rob captured some cool pics of yesterday's dawn patrol. I still can't believe this all happens before work on a Tuesday.

The up...

Little Superior with the town of Alta below

Ben- The big cheese at BD testing out some new boots. Yes. I would like a pair please. It's always fun to see what new toys BD is working on and Ben is the guy who gets to design and test this stuff.

Ben making one of the three turns he made all day. Seriously. It's full throttle, straight down, all the time.

Ben making another turn down Little Superior.

Ian tearing it up while he misses 2nd period at school. I'd say he made the right choice.

Proud father Dug is right behind him. How many Dad's do you know who would drag their teenager out of bed on a school day, climb a mountain, ski down it, and THEN take them to class?

Cardiac Bowl. (The backside of Superior and one of the best lines in the Wasatch).

No pics of Rob (Sorry ladies), but you can find him by watching this video.


Jonnie J said...

You have officially re-motivated me to open my eyes at 4:30 am and get out of bed. Friday morning?

Anonymous said...

My dad takes me on the dawn patrol fairly often and I miss my first classes