Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Am Ripe

I love everything about the dawn patrol sessions in the Utah backcountry. Getting in a few turns before work makes being at work much easier. But by about 2pm, I don't feel so fresh. I feel ripe. Like I have a thin layer of film or stink all over my body.

My post ski routine usually starts with a baby wipe shower in the car. Followed by applying a 2nd layer of deodorant over yesterday's layer. Once at work, I'll try and splash some hot water over my face and head. This routine seems to work but it's only a short term fix and by the afternoon, I start to get bummed out. Uncomfortable.

Today's 4pm team meeting in the small conference room is going to get interesting. A mouth full of Tic Tac's isn't going to mask the smell but it's my only option.


KanyonKris said...

If you're desperate you can pop over to my house for a shower.

Christopher Averett said...

After every commute I use Action Wipes. Clean fresh scent. Give them a try.