Sunday, November 29, 2009

UTCX #10

Saturday the UTCX series made a stop in Draper. It's my backyard. I wouldn't have missed it.

Pre-race breakfast: Diet Coke with pancakes

I don't usually smile during a race. I think I'm just happy to still be riding my bike in late November.

Riding in the sand pit

I lost contact with the lead group but was able to put some distance between the rest of the pack. I ended up in 6th place for the day.

Last lap and a rare shot of what the pain cave feels like.


StupidBike said...

2/3rds of they way up the first climb, my body said NO MORE. I barely made it to the finish.

they didn't seem to have you in the results post race, but maybe i was cross eyed.

more pics here

KanyonKris said...

Are your photos a metaphor (as the color drains away)?

Rick Sunderlage said...

Bob- yeah, that climb is a brutal way to start a race.

I didn't stick around to see the results. Thanks for the heads up.

KK- You give me more creative credit than I deserve.