Thursday, November 12, 2009

Saturday Cyclocross


I know, I know, cyclocross is supposed to be muddy. But, unfortunately our course has a lot of dirt sections that turn to amazingly sticky clay and it does not work well with the weather we have had and are expecting tomorrow. We will try to find another time to hold a race when the ground is more frozen than muddy. Sorry.

The forecast on Saturday calls for a high of 38 with snow. Perfect conditions for a cyclocross race.

$10 entry
10:30 am start
@ Euclid Outdoors Course in Heber
Course map here
Other important info here

Racing on a SS might actually pay off for this one.

I'm thinking about it. Anyone else?

Maybe they will have a money pit like this:


South County Ciclista said...

Don't own a cyclocross bike, and I don't like riding in snow or mud. So I guess I am out. I will look forward to a good race report.

Ben said...

I'm in. Let me know if you want to carpool since this is probably the only time all year we will have similar start times.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah!

Holly said...

I just brought this to Sam's attention and told him he had to do it. So, he's in.

Arthur said...

I'm thinking I might race! We havn't had any cold races so it's really about time!!

Rick Sunderlage said...

Brandon- I know of a shop that sells these CX bikes. Meet you there at lunch? There is still time to participate (or ride your Rig SS)

Ben- i'll be on a tight schedule. I had to negotiate this w/ the wife. Carpool probably won't work for me.

Brad- Hells yeah

Holly- I'm pretty sure this was Sam who posted the comment. Either way, glad to hear Sam is IN.

Arthur- I think I just moved down a spot in the standings. See you there.

Anonymous said...

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