Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Business Lunch

I met a few of Utah's most successful business men for a networking lunch today at the EQ in Draper. Many of Utah's hottest companies were represented. Including one of the fastest growing start up companies- CarboRocket and the prominent FatCyclist Corp.

Over the 1.5 hour meeting, we discussed topics such as:
  • Clarks
  • Ghost
  • Canyon Hollow
  • Jacobs
  • Ghost (again)
Overall the meeting was a great success and we accomplished our objectives.

Just as the meeting had started, Whitney (Jamie's wife) rolled up and said something like "Don't you guys have jobs?" She has no idea. We work very hard.


Jonnie J said...

Good to get out together. I have a couple of other business ideas I need to bounce off the group. I don't know if the group is available for another luncheon this week but the weather man is forecasting favorible business luncheon conditions.

KanyonKris said...

That's what I call a power lunch. (rimshot)

Grizzly Adam said...

I had to work very hard to keep up with the meeting.

But like JJ, I have a few more agenda items that need to be addressed. We seem to have some conflict among a few people that needs to be resolved. Those people are:

Betty and Frank.

I recommend immediate action be taken before this escalates.

Ricky said...

As a matter of fact, Aaron, Jon, and I met with Betty and Frank this afternoon (hence our absence from your lunch meeting). It was a productive meeting—I think we made good progress. Our only lament is that we did not have enough time. I concur with Grizzly, we still have work to do here. Aaron, acting as scribe, published notes from the above mentioned meeting here: http://shammytime.blogspot.com/2009/11/offsite-conference.html

KanyonKris said...

I have a lunch meeting in Draper tomorrow if anyone would like to join me. Perhaps the Corner Canyon Buffet, but I'm feeling the Pool Hall Cafe as I haven't sampled their fare in months.

Whitney said...

oh....I have an idea!!!!