Friday, May 1, 2009

The House of a Cyclist

Drive by my house and you'll notice the fence door, detached from the fence, and laying on the ground. It's been like that since the early winter.

Come inside and you'll notice the blinds that hang over the sliding glass door to the back deck won't work. They've been like that for several months, maybe years. I'm not sure. Or the picture in our bedroom that has been on the floor propped up against the wall since Christmas.

The garage is full of clutter (although, I do make sure that we can fit both cars inside the garage). Stuff is out of place and there is junk everywhere. Except for the bikes that hang neatly on the wall racks.

Last night, we were going over our weekend plans. It went somewhat like this:

Rachelle - "What are your plans for this weekend?"
me- "Oh nothing, really.....(pause)...."But there is a MTB race that I'd like to do"
Rachelle- blink, blink....chirp, chirp
me - "But I don't have to do it. It's really not a big deal"
Rachelle - blink, blink
me - "What did you have in mind?"
Rachelle- "I'd like to spend some time taking care of our house"
me - blink, blink....chirp, chirp
Rachelle - Rambles on for 5 minutes about all the stuff that needs to fixed or put away
  • Fix the fence door
  • Remove blinds and replace with new curtains
  • hang picture I bought for her at Christmas that is still on the floor propped up against the bedroom wall.
  • Change hallway light bulbs
  • Clean garage
  • Work on yard
  • Dust
  • Set up a work space in bedroom
  • blah....blah....blah
Why is it I can ride my bike for 10 hours straight and feel great but taking 30 minutes to fix the fence seems like an overwhelming project that I just don't have time for?

Cyclists are addicts. I'd never neglect my wife or kids (at least not intentionally) but I have no problem ignoring the house projects in favor for a ride.

Anyone know a good handy man or cleaning lady? If so, please send my way.


Rob said...

Wendy bought 5 TREES while I was in Moab...they're sitting at the end of the driveway. How long can you water a root ball before you actually have to put in in the ground?

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Rachel bought 3 bushes while I was away. Fortunately, she planted them herself. I guess she's learned.

Wish she could figure out how to hang the rack for a hand towel next to her sink in the bathroom. Or mount the pegboard I bought three months ago to organize the tools in the garage. get the point.

KanyonKris said...

I hear what y'all are saying, I've got plenty of neglected projects around the house, but beware. If I don't do enough honey-dos my wife may think one day "now why do I need this cycling bum?"

And I don't think I can sell her on the idea that cycling keeps me looking good (I'm 2 days away from 45, so no amount of cycling is going to turn the clock back enough to matter).

So handy is all the hand I got. As Red Green says "if women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy".

Tread carefully, my brothers.

Is half-assed the answer? Turning a 2 hour job into a 10 minute jury rigging with duct tape? Perhaps it will buy me a full Spring of cycling. Sold!

clark said...

Very well said.

Maybe we go back to the days of apartment living?

Move my family of 6 to an apartment?

Just think of all the things I wouldn't have to do!

29er said...

I think we wives need a support group.

South County Ciclista said...

Doesn't that same conversation come around every couple of months? Details may be different, but generally isn't it the same?

Aaron said...

I think that we have 5 burnt out light bulbs in our house and 7 framed pictures sitting on the floor below where my wife wants them to be hung. I'd take care of them, but I just can't seem to find the time. Shoot, I just realized I'm late for a ride!

dug said...

"although, I do make sure that we can fit both cars inside the garage"

that's because you have two cars and a three car garage. you can't count that as a win.

fatguyonalittlebike said...

3 car garage and not one car will fit in it right now, but there is room for 11.5 bikes
When i drive around and see a well kept yard, i can't help but think to myself "get a hobby, Loser!"

Grizzly Adam said...

I have that conversation just about every Saturday during the summer.

Forget the support support group for the wives. We need to all go in on a maintenance crew to just take car e of the house for us...

eber said...

i read this to Cic and said i could totally relate to two of your neglected items (unhung picture sitting on the floor in the hallway and blinds that need attention). She said "TWO! - we only have room for ONE car in the garage and did you forget about your son escpaping through the BROKEN FENCE in the backyard last week?"


Rick Sunderlage said...

Guys- Thanks for all the support! Good to see there are other loser husbands that like to pedal.

Scott Harris said...

You do these tasks for FHE. Like a service project for your own family.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Ashbridge. He is fast, efficient and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And he bikes so you have that in common. We used him for over a year. The best is coming home from a ride and seeing the fence fixed. The shop has his # or see him at the races. Expert 30-39.


SkiMoab said...

Isn't, "What are your plans for this weekend?" just a rhetorical question? We all know that our answer isn't really the answer.

This, to me, is one of life's great mysteries. I know I have never made a honey-do list for my SO, so why is it that I get them all the time?

I think it comes down to our differing definitions of "Fun". Is it "Organize, Clean, and Fix", or is it actually "Fun"? Because I can guarantee you that riding the Alpine Loop this weekend is going to be WAY more fun than finishing the cabinets that have been sitting there, half done, for over a year.

EROL said...

rick, have you heard the saying "happy wife, happy life"? well i believe, in a circular logic kind of way, that it is essential that you be happy to make wife happy. for me, "no bikey and me you will not likey". ride to live brother