Thursday, April 30, 2009

17 Minutes

That's how long it takes me to roll out of my garage, drop Clarks, and get to the EQ. Dropping Clarks at 6am this time of the year is cold. Try not to hit your fingers on any branches. They might shatter.

I met up with Tony and Jon for 2 hours of dirt before work. I'm always amazed that I have access to such a good network of trails from my house. Down Clarks to the EQ, Up Clarks to Jacobs, down Ghost, and up the Jeep road and home by 8AM.

I thought I would have Clarks all to myself to rip the downhill but I saw Cory and another guy coming up. Cory had been out since 5am and had his light on. I'm glad he did or I might have run him over.

I admit, riding that early in the morning, I'm always expecting to be ripped off my bike by a mountain lion. I still haven't seen one which is weird since I typically ride early in the morning or in the evenings.

After my encounter with a mountain goat, maybe I should be grateful I haven't seen any cougars yet.

5 Mile Pass this weekend. I'm still undecided but leaning towards racing. Anyone else?


South County Ciclista said...

I am not going to lie. I am extremely jealous of the proximity of great trails to your house. Mine not so much from the front door. I am out on 5-Mile Pass. Good luck I think you go 2 1/2 times around.

KanyonKris said...

Not jealous, only because I have good access to those trails myself. I work in Bluffdale and a 5 minute drive or 10 minute ride puts me on the Draper trails. Either for lunch or after work.

But riding from home is sweeter. Fortunately I can ride from home and hit the Provo Canyon trails (which are you often hit for lunch rides).

Dude, trails near work and home - we have it good.

Aaron said...

That story about the goat was the best. Please tell it again, Mr. Sunderlage.

For a while I tried convincing myself that my trails were as good as your trails. And then I road Crack Cocaine (does this have a real name yet?). Now I've come to terms with the fact that I have the 2nd best local trails.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

I rode from the EQ after work yesterday. When I was done and rode back to my car, I was annoyed at myself for not just parking in my garage and riding from there. Yeah, you can't beat the access, especially since Crack Cocaine is a four minute ride from my driveway.

When you figure in the access to skiing, it really is the holy grail of places to live.

I'm racing Antelope Island--no 5 mile for me this weekend.

eber said...

i was thinking the same thing last night while i was cruising from the DH to Clark's on the BST.

suncrest and the cc area are mtn bike mecca.

MOCougFan said...

Anyone want to buy a dental practice in Missouri?

I want to move.

Anonymous said...

I'm out of the 5-mile race with bronchitis and a small touch of lacrosse. Represent!

EROL said...

hey rick, don't worry about those mt. lions, i'll come call him a "friggin a-rab" and scare him for ya.

tp said...

It was a blast riding your wheel down Ghost. We ought to create a "tag" game on those descents. Get buzzed ... go to the back of the bus. Maybe that's the game Jamie plays by himself he just hasn't let us in on his little secret.

Btw Bk, stay clear of lacrosse. It spreads quickly and then you become a coach and your spring season is toast.