Friday, September 5, 2008

Jamie's Nap

Only a few minutes into the descent of last night's night ride, Jamie decided to pull off the trail and lay down for a nap. He swears that he "crashed" but we all think he wanted to sleep for a few minutes.

Jamie needs to learn how to clear away the bushes before he naps. When he awoke, he was covered in thorns and in the worst possible spot. Especially before a 20 minute downhill.

Photo taken by Dug

He pleaded with the group (Dug, Tony, Sam, Jon L., Brad P., and me) to help pull these out, but we weren't about to fall for his trick.

We celebrated the success of the ride with some breakfast at Village Inn. We all ordered large quantities of food except for Brad P. (the only Pro rider in the group). Brad kept it to a slice of pie and a cup of hot chocolate. I guess that's why Brad is the Pro.


StupidBike said...

I'm sure he wasn't counting calories, more likely he didn't try hard enough during the ride.

Anonymous said...

let us never speak of jamie's butt again.

Fatty said...

i will buy you lunch next time we eat lunch together if you will reduce the number of hoops i must jump through in order to comment on your blog. username, password, AND word verification? i generally only have to give this much info if my card's being charged.

Unknown said...

Stupidbike- I think it was his 4th ride of the day. You could be right.

Dug- okay. unless, or course, he falls in thorns again.

fatty-I'll allow your comment this time but please submit via mail (as in US Postal) next time. That is the preferred method.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Hmmm. Dug, please tell your son to not log on to my home computer.