Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Not Just The Tax Benefits

One of the benefits of having kids is right to carry a package of wet wipes where ever I go (and not look like a creep). I keep a package in my truck at all times. They are magic. Spill something on my shirt? A wet wipe can take it out. Got messy hands from that maple bar? No problem. Grab a wet wipe. Go on a night ride, get back at 1:30am, and too tired for a shower? No problem. Grab a handful of wipes and wipe down the legs and arms and crawl into clean bed.

Without kids I would have never discovered the wet wipes. I am forever hooked.

Changing the subject....Mueller Park in Bountiful is one of the best night rides around. Very long climb which means a very long donwhill. All single track in the thick trees. And they have a Denny's that stays open all night about 3 miles from the trail head.

French Toast Slam with eggs over medium. Mmmmm.


Anonymous said...

i dunno man. wet wipes are wet. not sure if you knew that.

KanyonKris said...

But it's a dry wet.

I've wanted to try Mueller at night. It's so crowded during the day so that makes it an automatic night ride choice. Plus it's a fantastic trail.

Anonymous said...

An excuse to eat Goldfish crackers is nice too...