Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Dirty Secret

Last night after attempting to get the kids in bed (They were all in bed but not even close to being asleep), I went out for a night ride with Tony, Sam, and Aaron. A night ride in the early fall is hard to beat. We rode in Corner Canyon and climbed up the Ghost trail from the EQ and dropped down Clarks and then over to the Scout Bridge. If you haven't ridden through the burn area, you need to. It's like riding on the Moon.

I made it back home by 11:30ish. I was pretty tired and didn't feel much like a shower. So I rinsed off my bald head in the sink to rid myself of the helmet stink and then threw on some pajama bottoms (to keep the dirt from getting on the sheets), and crawled into bed.

I don't know if Rachelle notices when I skip the shower and go straight to bed but we are one of those couples who have sides. So really, it shouldn't matter to her. If I'm fine with sleeping in my own filth. The extra 10 min of sleep is worth it.

Update: Still not a drop of Diet Coke but I have a feeling this weekend will change things. I don't want to live past the age of 70 anyway.


Anonymous said...

jeez, you've already gone a lifetime now without the sauce, you might as well become a monk. you're already sleeping in your own filth, right?

Anonymous said...

His Ipod is full of Gregorian Chants...

KanyonKris said...

I'll admit, I skip the shower sometimes. I usually pay for it in not being able to get to sleep as easy feeling all gunky, so I shower most times.

I need to get my jury-rigged light system tweaked up and ready to roll - 'tis the season for night rides.

Good job going of the Diet Coke. Supposed health benefits aside, it's probably good for you just to know you CAN go off it. I'm still surprised you had no withdrawal symptoms (headaches, etc.) - that's nice.

Anonymous said...

I thought I smelled something.