Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Powder for Breakfast

It's April 8th and we are still getting pounded with new snow in the mountains. Every time I try to put the skis away for the season, we get a storm like this. Yesterdays avalanche report included the following:

"..it was zero to 16 inches in about 4 hours, of incredible "Oh, my gosh" Utah Powder. Storm totals were 10-17 inches in the Cottonwoods..."

Dug and I met at 5:30am at the base of LCC and hooked up with another skier- Dustin. Getting up at 4:45am to go ski sounds fine before you go to bed but when that alarm clock goes off and it's 20 degrees outside, it's not always easy to make it. Dustin's friends didn't show up as promised. Not interested in skiing alone, Dustin decided to hang with us for the morning . He has one of those dream jobs. He works in Sales & Marketing for Voile (Tele skis, bindings, & first to come out with the split board).

We piled into Dug's car and headed up. We decided to ski Scottie's and get first tracks on the North facing aspect.

It was a perfect clear morning with no wind and a lot of light dry powder.

Here I am almost at the top and it wasn't even 7am.

And here I am getting burried after getting caught in my own sluff (There goes my BD sponsorship). I was able to ski out of this one but left some of my pride (okay, a lot of my pride)on the mountain.

The view from Scottie's is pretty amazing. Not many people get to experience this.

Here I am after geting washed out of the sluff and wishing I could have kept it together for an action shot. And here is a pic of Dug skiing with SLC in the background.

Hard to express just how cool it is to climb a mountain in the dark, ski it with 17" of powder, and make it to work by 9am. I really, really like living in Utah.

Thanks Dustin for taking some pics and for the good company this morning.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

we should have lapped it. how did we not lap it?

Dustin Butcher said...

Thanks again for having me along. I would be happy to bring the camera along any time you want.

ps. How did we not lap it?

Anonymous said...

Nice pow stoke. Was just writing a retrospective of my season, and that certainly would have made it.

I wasn't even there, and I wish you would have lapped it.

Anonymous said...

Why do I feel like I'm missing out on something beyond description when I read about your early morning rendezvos with nature. And then you have to include photos of your out of body experience. Ouch! I've got to hook up with you one morning!

Rick Sunderlage said...

TP- It's April...APRIL and now you express interest?

I'm going to break into your house and wake you up next time I go.

I'll have a bagel w/ cream cheese for you.