Thursday, April 3, 2008

2 Laps Is Not Enough

For my lunch ride today (The one I rode solo since none of the core group would come ride with me...sheesh), I decided to climb up the steep paved road above the Orem cemetery, then climb up the dirt jeep road and then drop in above the cliff band above the Provo race course. It's been years since I've ridden that section. It still gives me the creeps. The exposure is big and a little mistake could mean big consequences. But the reward is sweet. Instead of riding the jeep road all the way around, this route drops you right onto the race course which is just a fantastic section of trail.

After the first lap, I had to have more. I did a second lap and was seriously considering calling in sick for the rest of the day and just riding laps on the course. Maybe it's just been a really long winter and I forgot just how good some tight, buff single track can be. Or maybe the course is in extra good condition (just moist enough to be be able to rail through the turns but not wet enought to get dirty). Maybe both, but I just couldn't get enough.

After making myself ride back to the office, I decided to top off the ride with a Big Mac. Every 6 months or so, I'll get one of these. Today seemed like the perfect day to do that.

Tomorrow (Friday), I plan to do the same route but maybe add a 3rd lap. 11:45 depature time if anyone is interested.


Aaron said...

I'm there. I was about to email about riding you when I read this post. Glad to see that the dirt is dry.

KanyonKris said...

Torture, pure torture.

I can't do a lunch ride - too far away. But when you want an after-work ride, I'm there.

I think I'll ride Corner Canyon at lunch just to spite you. I'll ride in your backyard while you ride in mine. ;-)

Glad to hear the trails are dry again. I gotta hit the cliff trail it's been more than a year for me too.

Rick Sunderlage said...

aaron- cool. I'll meet you in the parking lot (like last time).

KK- take a long lunch and meet us. 60 degrees is the forecast. You've gotta do it.

andy said...

i'm considering unsubscribing. i just can't take it anymore. the weather is still crap in michigan. there is still snow and mud on the trails. we can't get out on them and i have a race coming up in two weeks.

on the plus side i'm leaving for utah tomorrow. taking the family to arches and canyonlands. will show them the places that i love to stop at in moab and possible drive to the porcupine rim trailhead and do some hiking.

and then it's back to dreary michigan with less than one week to train for my race. aarrrgghhh!

Anonymous said...

did you say moist?

KanyonKris said...

(The part of Tempter, usually played bu dug, will be played by Rick Today.)

You're evil. ;-)
I can't make lunch, but I am planning to leave work early and hit those trails. If you want a double shot today, I'll be riding around 4:30. use the Contact Me link on my blog and I'll give you my cell #.

Anonymous said...

i'd be there with you, but i cracked my top tube clean through yesterday in corner canyon.

Aaron said...

I meant "riding WITH you." It's amazing the difference one word can make.

Rick Sunderlage said...

KK - Don't tempt me. I just might double dip today

Andy- I used to live in Michigan. I understand how the winters are. It makes you apprecaite the cycling season more than most.

Dug- I'm sure you will find another ride to mount.

Aaron- That was an important word you left out. Thanks for cleaning that up.

KanyonKris said...

Just returning the temptation. You know the weather will be crap tomorrow, so better ride twice today to make up for it. You DESERVE 2 rides today!

dug - I have to believe that when a top tube is broken there's an interesting story there - do tell!

KanyonKris said...

rick: Kenny said he's riding today at 4. Temptation ^2

Rick Sunderlage said...

KK- I'm out. Aaron and Jon worked me this afternoon.

KanyonKris said...

Alright. Maybe next week then. Also, I can roll CC at lunch or after work.