Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I had a late night last night working (or watching people work) on my cross bike. It's a true Frankenbike with donated parts from Sam, Joe, Jamie, and Tony.

Halloween eve, working in Jamies shop/garage with the rain and lightening outside, I couldn't help but think this bike is going to be something special.

I stopped by Sam's to pick up a bar, then straight to Joey's house/shop to add a wheel set, bottom bracket, derailer, cranks. And then over to Jamie's to add a casette and rear wheel, front derailer, brake parts, tires, a chain, seat clamp, spacers, etc.. Then Tony showed up with a headset and chocolate cake.

These good friends have helped me put together an almost complete cross bike. I have offifically offered this bike to anyone who wants to try a cyclo-cross race. It shall be the community bike.

I'm still searching for a front brake, shifters, and a seat post. I expect to have this machine up and running by next weekend.

Take a look at Jamie working his magic:



Jonnie J said...

I have an aluminum seatpost laying around my garage. Its all yours for a spin on the bike.


Anonymous said...

brakes?...brakes?...why not Ted Shred style? All you need is a pair of shoes with good soles.

Oh and I have some old downtube shifters, you would just have to drill into the frame and set them -no big deal right?

Anonymous said...

community bike? can we keep it at my house?

Rick Sunderlage said...

JJ- i might take you up on that. thanks!

Rob- you might be right. brakes are silly and just add weight.

Dug- you will need to make a donation to the bike first. Maybe a bottle cage?

Anonymous said...

So do we have a ride set for Saturday???

Anonymous said...

gawd, you must be riding that cyclocross bike a lot!