Monday, October 8, 2007

Coming Soon

I bought this on ebay over the weekend. It's a 2003 (never before used) Redline Team Scandium frame w/ aluminum fork. I'm going to build it up as a 1X9 with some used parts and try and get a few cross races in this season.

Rachelle is being a good sport about it since I really didn't mean to purchase this and gave her absolutley no warning that I had placed a bid. I need to get on the ball and find her a sweet (or as my brother-in-law says "cherry") mountain bike.

If you have any used cyclocross parts, please send my way.


Anonymous said...

please clarify for your readers that i am not the brother in law who uses the word "cherry."

Rick Sunderlage said...

Dug- my bad. That would be my other brother-in-law on my sister's side of the family. But you've got to admit, "cherry"is a nice word.

Dave said...

I always have liked "sweet ass" ride for some reason.