Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anti-Trash Talk

I've been on the fence about racing the Draper Super XC Race on Saturday.  It's a brutal distance (not long enough to be an endurance race yet longer than a normal XC race) And if I race, do I race SS or gears?  I already know if I race SS I'll be racing for scraps.  With names like Dan Z., B.Tolbert, Corey L., Chris C., I will need to have the race of  my life to beat any of these guys.  Not to mention, I haven't touched my SS in over 4 weeks.  But deep down, I know I will have a faster time on my SS than on my gears.

3 times up Clarks and up Canyon Hollow at race pace is going to hurt.  A lot.

There.  That is my anti-trash talk for now.  I feel better now.  Pressure if off, right?


Taco Spawn said...

The choice should be determined by what leaves you with the biggest grin.

tp said...

Come ride PC with Jon and I instead. I may even let you beat me up a few climbs.

South County Ciclista said...

Why not come ride with the "bears?"

Unknown said...

I make up for my lack of cycling prowess by reading this blog and pretending it's me :)

Check out my blog if you have time