Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thur Night World Championship Cometh....

It's time to schedule the 2011 Thursday Night World Championship RacePhast Dan still has the belt (unless he has pawned it for cash).  Anyone know what it would take to track him down to get him to defend his belt?

Right now, Thur Sept 15th @ 9pm looks like a good date.  Plenty of time for recovery from the PCP2P race.  Any objections or conflicts?  Speak up now.

I like keeping this in Corner Canyon.  Plenty of trail options to keep it interesting. Details on the race route coming soon...
  • $5 entry fee
  • Winner takes all the cash
  • This year we will have a podium for the top 3
  • Random prizes raffle for all participants (now accepting any cool prize donations...Fatty?  I know you have some cool connections)
  • Post race breakfast @ Village Inn
  • Design and bring your own race plate
Past winners include:
Winning this event will make you famous on the interwebs.  What more could you want? Start your training now.


KanyonKris said...

Keyes better cough up some prizes since he's sponsoring the race, as seen on the belt.

dug said...

what more could i want? really?

Tolbert said...

I want in but I am bringing gears, SS is for the birds

Rick Sunderlage said...

KK- that's what happens when you win the belt. you get to add your own flavor to it.

Dug- exactly.

Tolbert- I rode my gears after the Draper race and was kicking myself for not racing it. My SS hurt me bad. Legs are still really sore.

By the way, you get an automatic 5 min penalty at the nigh race. You are too fast.

StupidBike said... ridding the world of SS'ers one race at a time....

GrizzlyAdam said...

Nice! I look forward to donating a few bucks to the Dan Z. fund.