Saturday, April 23, 2011

RAWROD & Lambert Park

Friday was the RAWROD TT (Fast Friday).  I got up at 3:50am, picked up Mark and met Miles, Brandon, Jesse, Ben B. in Spanish Fork and made the drive down to Moab in the MadDog van, the ultimate cycling bus. (Thanks Jesse).  Six bikes up top (that's a lot of money in bikes)

Once in Moab, we met up with Kenny and his crew.  I think we had about 30 riders. 

At 8:42, we were rolling.  8 hours later (7:27 for Dan Z.) I finished the 100 mile ride.  Completely shelled. It hurt exta bad this year.

I went with a 32x17 gear.  Great for the flats but not in the sand and not great for the climbs. Especially the climb out of the Rim.

I still can't believe Chucky did the entire ride on one water bottle (and I don't think he had any food).  Amazing.

Post ride, back at camp, I ate 3 brats.  So, so good.  (Thanks Elden and Kenny for the brats and bread). 

Got home at 1:45am, asleep by 2am.  Up at 8am for the Lambert Park race.  What a transition.  My legs were sore for the 100 mile effort the day before and the Lambert race was a 50 min circuit race which meant it was going to be all out, full gas from the gun.  And the race organizers managed to throw in a nasty climb right at the start.  Lap 1 and 2 hurt but by lap 3 I started feeling good again. 

B. Tolbert took the win, Dan Z. was a close 2nd and I hung on for 3rd place.

Conrats to the guys running the the new Utah State Championship Series.  They pulled off a really cool event. It's nice to have guys who race put on a race.  They get it.  I look forward to supporting them at the other races this year. 


KanyonKris said...

3rd after RAWROD, I'm impressed.

South County Ciclista said...

Congratulations on the podium finish and the fast Friday time. I slept right through my alarm to get up and ride this morning. And that was 2 days after Fast Friday.

tp said...

I wish I had a sliver of your motivation to race/ride anymore. Impressive.