Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MTB Short Track

I've raced MTB endurance events, 24 hour events, cross country, cyclo-cross, road, but never MTB short track.  If it's anything like CX, I know I am going to get worked but I'm pretty excited to try it.  Details here.

Let me start the anti trash talking now by stating that on Friday, I will be doing the Fast Friday version of RAWROD, driving home late Friday night, getting up Saturday morning and racing.  I can't wait to hurt myself two days in a row with two completely different events.



MTBRACE Productions said...

its not so much a short track, more of a circuit. 3.4 miles per lap with @500 feet of climbing, it's gonna hurt!

Rick Sunderlage said...

MTBRACE Pro- I can already taste the metal in my lungs. I can't wait.

Daniel Zvirzdin said...

I just registered. This weekend will be like a 2-day stage race... where the prologue is on the second day. It'll be a good experience to get lapped by the other guys in our category, right?

Grizzly Adam said...

I won't be racing. but I rode the course. It's demanding. A lot of tight, rocky corners, some sustained climbing, and plenty of stoke and flow. It will hurt like 'cross. Which is the same as saying it will hurt like hell.

See you at the WR.