Thursday, March 24, 2011

Night Ride World Championship Series 2011

The 2011 race season is upon us.  In addition to the ICUP, and weekly Sundance/Soldier Hollow series, (and the UC lunch rides/races), there is a new show in town.  I like what Bob is doing.  Mixing it up.  Short Track and longer XC races.  I plan to support this new series when I can.

What better way to train for these than by participating in the 2011 Night Ride World Championship series

Most of us have familes and day jobs and training miles aren't always easy to find.  A night ride is often the only option.  Stay tuned for the 2011 schedule and list of venues (participating venues must be near a Denny's or Village Inn.  If you have suggestions for location, please keep that in mind). 

The "Belt" is somewhere in Utah County in Phast Dan's closet.  He has had it long enough.  It's time. 

Find those lights and start charging them.   We are weeks away kids.


Unknown said...

Ohhhhh baby!!!!!!

Jason McGrew said...

I'm looking forward to these again. Even though I got killed every time they are a blast!! Maybe this year I can keep the leader in my sights longer then the neutral start.

South County Ciclista said...

Bring on the Night Races. South Fork would be a nice place to hold a race. We could lap it a couple times.

KanyonKris said...

"Let's get ready to pedaaaaalllll!"